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Thanks to you, Growing Community Roots raised $31,979.60 for two 80,000 liter water tanks, 16 toilets in 2 washrooms, and the construction of a community garden. Thanks to our donors, Lwala school now has safe water, adequate sanitation and a community garden for teachers, staff and the community at large. Thank you!

"The sanitation facilities provided will enable us to maintain proper hygiene and will be free from contacting water borne diseases such as cholera." 


- Olonde Clinton Ochieng    

President of Lwala Primary School     

"The facilities provided will improve the sanitation especially of the teenage girl, food security, health, and the beauty of the school compound at large." 


- Anyango Clementine    

Headteacher of Lwala Primary School     

"As girls the bathrooms will really help us in maintaining constant hygiene and improving girl's childhood education. In addition it will help the girls who experience menstrual flow while in school." 


- Irene Adhiambo   

Student of Lwala Primary School     



Lwala Primary School was started in 1953 by the Roman Catholic Church to carry out the dissemination of education on a sound Christian foundation. It situated in Korach Village, Kamuga Sub-location, Kakdhimu East Location, West Karachuonyo Division, and Rachuonyo District in Nyanza Province. Now the school is government run and sponsored by the Catholic Church.


The school has a total of 350 pupils (180 girls and 170 boys). It has a total 10 teachers and 1 support staff. Apart from the school the community of around 50 homes will also require drinking water from the water tanks.


The nearest water point to this school is River Tende (locally known as Riwa) that is 6km away. Pupils were not normally sent to the river to fetch water but brought their own water for drinking in small containers. There was a small water tank on the compound whose water was used for preparation of lunch for the early childhood education pupils and the teachers. During the dry season however, this tank did not have water.


The school is situated on very rocky ground; hence the few toilet structures that were built are very shallow and manually dug. There were three doors for boys and three for girls. The teachers have a two-door structure.


Properly constructed toilets and water storage tanks will go a long way in improving the quality of life at the school.


Lwala Primary School is built on rocky ground. The excavation will need special drilling machines.  The distance to a water point has also necessitated a higher cost for water for construction.

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