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WITH YOUR HELP, WE ACCOMPLISHED OUR FUNDING GOAL FOR THE ST. PETER'S KOTONJE MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL PROJECT! We raised $31,829.90 for two 80,000 liter water tanks, 16 toilets in 2 washrooms, and the construction of a community garden. Thanks to our donors, Kotonje school now has safe water, adequate sanitation and a community garden for teachers, staff and the community at large. Thank you!

"We have been regarded as a small school but your coming has put us on a bigger map. Thank you!"


- Principal of St. Peter's Kotonje Mixed Secondary School   


"Today our teachers can stand bold with their heads held high since you have helped them conquer challenges. The tanks you brought us have made us do away with water shortage and large water bills. The serene and tranquil latrines. Wow! Students cannot keep their eyes from them!"


- Otieno Sharon   

Chairperson of St. Peter's Kotonje

Mixed Secondary School   



St. Peter's Kotonje Mixed Secondary School is situated in Koyugi location of West Karachunyo. It is 3km away from Raruowa Catholic Mission. The school is run by the Government and sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church.


The Principal of this school is John Okumu Okwanyo.


The school has 230 students (149 boys and 81 girls). It has 12 teachers and 7 support staff. Members of the community, forty homes, who will also benefit from the water tanks.



The main source of water for the school was a water pond that is 2km away. This pond was also a valuable source of water for the whole sub-location that has no river water. The villagers used the same pond to water their animals and wash their clothes.


The school had one 3,000-liter water tank that stores drinking water for the whole school during the rainy season. Students brought their own drinking water in bottles to school.


When the pond, which is used by the whole village, dried up, the pupils had to travel 4km to fetch water for their use. Furthermore this pond water was also used for watering the village animals and was therefore unsafe for drinking.


The school had two tin toilet structures, one for boys and one for girls. There were no washrooms. The school fixed a fence around the school for safety reasons, and will build a gate before the end of the year.

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