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Thanks to you, Growing Community Roots raised $29,700 for six 10,000-liter water catchment tank systems, 16 toilets (latrines) and attached bathroom with roofs for the boys and girls, and  the construction of a community garden. Thanks to our donors, Kanam school now has safe water, adequate sanitation and a community garden for teachers, staff and the community at large. Thank you!


A message from Francis Ogola
Chair of IMBO Community Action Program

May I on behalf of IMBO Community Action Program and the students and parents of Kanam Mixed Secondary School  express our gratitude for the wonderful toilets and water tanks which is giving them clean water for drinking already. We officially handed them over yesterday. The students, particularly girls, could not hide their happiness. Kindly tell the GCR board members and donors that your efforts for children in Kenya is highly appreciated! Please keep up the spirit! Pass my warmest  greetings to all.

- Francis Ogola    

Chair of IMBO Community Action Program    


The Kanam Secondary School Administration, the Board of Governors, the parents and the community are well aware that the biggest stumbling block to student’s pursuance of education is the scarcity of water. The Kanam Mixed Secondary and Primary Schools are in West Karachuonyo behind the famous Homa Hills. The nearest water point here is Lake Victoria which about one and a half kilometers away. Currently the school has engaged two parents to supply water by donkeys for exchange of reduced school fees for their child. However, the need for water is far greater than the two parents can provide. There are currently 238 students, 139 boys and 99 girls, with 9 teachers and five support staff. In this very remote part of West Kenya, the school is surrounded by 35 homesteads that would appreciate access to drinking water.


The school only had one toilet for boys and one toilet for girls. There were no bathrooms to maintain good hygiene for the girls.  There were no water catchment systems at the school, nor a community garden to provide healthful food for the students and staff.

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