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Copy of Ng_ura primary School-Anam-Cara-
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NG'URA Construction
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Thanks to you, Growing Community Roots was able to raise $34,916 for Ng’ura school. It now has four toilets and one washroom for girls.
It also has four toilets and one washroom for boys, four 10,000-liter water tank systems, fencing for a community garden and a tree farm. 



Ng’ura Primary School is in West Karachuonyo. It is 1 kilometer away from pond water which is also shared by the rest of the village. This pond is shared by humans and their animals.

Children bring along sizable containers to fetch water for school use. The girls here are disadvantaged during their special days of the month and some of them who fear embarrassment stay away from school for at least 3 days a month. Even if they were able to access water, they would have no place to wash themselves as the toilets do not have washing space.


The school only has one 2,000 liter tank that stores water during the rainy season.

The school has 304 pupils, of whom 153 are girls.

It has 8 male teachers and 6 female teachers. It also has one support staff- a watchman.

The official population of the community is 3,200.

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