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(Pre-construction photos above, post-construction photos to be updated shortly)

Thanks to you, Growing Community Roots raised $39,494 to provide for the school that includes a roof water catchment system that has four 10,000-liter tanks, including shipping, piping, and installation for the tanks, one 8-door toilet and bathroom for girls, one-8 door toilets and bathroom for boys, one washing stand, and fencing for the garden.



Anduu Primary School is located in the Nyanza Province of Kenya, Africa. Its 2.47 acres are in North Rachuonyo Sub County, Kokoth B Kataa location approximately 5 kilometers from the shore of Lake Victoria.

The school was established by the Roman Catholic Church in 1982 on land donated by the community at the foot of Mount Homa, popularly known as Homa Hills. It is a Catholic School under the Homa Bay Catholic Diocese, Raruwas Parish, Miranga Sub
Parish, Miranga Centre Miranga Church.

Anduu Primary School has a total of 289 students – 161 girls and 128 boys. There are 10 teachers, three of them are Board of Management members. There are 57 orphan students and partial orphans mostly taken care by grandparents, relatives and well-wishers. The reason for so many orphans is because their parents died of AIDS.

The population surrounding the school is 5,454 in the 2019 census. Most people are
low-income earners who live on less than a dollar a day. They cannot provide the funds
to install water catchment systems or construct toilets at the primary school.


Because of the school’s close proximity to Lake Victoria, it is assumed to have a clean source of water. However, Lake Victoria has been polluted for years with four different countries dumping waste into the lake. The distance for the children is too far for them
to carry water for their use at the school. The closest water source is a salty community borehole that is contaminated.

Anduu Primary School has one 100- liter water container mainly used for drinking water and in preparation for staff meals. It is not sufficient to support the students and for other uses in the school. The school has 6 permanent class rooms that water catchment systems can be constructed.

There is significant need to replace the depilated “Out Houses” with toilet buildings with roofs. In addition, there is a need for a washstand, and fencing for a garden that will greatly aid the new national education system called Competency Based Curriculum.

Both the Board of Management and Parents Teachers Association have committed to see to the project’s completion and maintenance. The Head Teacher Paul Odongo and the Deputy will be on the ground to make sure all goes well during and after the construction.

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