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March 27th, 2019

In Memory


Consociate Aloys Mambe Obonyo


Our beloved Consociate brother, Aloys Mambe Obonyo died last month in his home near Homalime, Kenya after having two major strokes.  His wife Serphine, also a Consociate, survives him and their six grown children and many grandchildren as well as a community of people in both Kenya and among the CSJ community that loved him.  


He was born in 1953 in Kanam village near Homalime, Kenya.  Aloys was a vital part of the CSJ Consociate community in Kenya and had a deep and abiding faith.  That small but vital Consociate presence in Kenya has lived the CSJ mission with great passion.  Aloys, Serphine, Mary Lieta and others would ask the CSJ question, of what is needed at this time and then try to meet those needs in their community.  


Aloys was also committed to ecological farming practices in an area where that was almost unheard of.  He taught young men how to be better famers.  All of the Consociates that traveled to Kenya, witnessed by touring first hand Aloys’s farm and were impressed with his love, passion and knowledge of honoring the earth.


Aloys was a board member of IMBO Community Action Program that is a certified NGO in Kenya.  Their objective is: to empower the community in their efforts to alleviate poverty by initiating development programs such as water and sanitation, infrastructure, economic development, education, healthcare, and other charitable works.  ICAP is Growing Community Root’s community partner in providing water tanks with roof catchments, toilets with roofs, washrooms, community gardens, and tree farms.  This effort continued the Water Project begun by Rosita Aranita, CSJ.


Aloys and Serphine hosted the CSJ Kenyan Consociate Ceremony in 2017. Aloys said it was one of the proudest days in his life.  Aloys also opened up his heart and generously provided hospitality to the Consociate groups who spent time in West Kenya.


He was a hard worker, dedicated to his family, committed to making his community a better place.  He knew what it meant to live the CSJ mission of profound love of God and neighbor without distinction, including our Earth neighbor.

We have lost a dear and sweet soul.

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